8 October 2022

Latest draft of the Presbytery Plan now available on the links to the right.


The vote to approve the new Presbytery Mission Plan will take place at a meeting of the Presbytery of Edinburgh and West Lothian on 15 November. In common with every other church in the whole of Edinburgh and West Lothian, in terms of the Plan we are moving towards a union with other churches. The reality of a union is therefore not something we can avoid and may in fact have many positive aspects.

We expect the proposals under the Plan for our new union with Priestfield and Craigmillar Park Churches to have 2 full time Ministerial posts of Word and Sacrament allocated to it. We anticipate that one of these posts will focus on worship, pastoral care and the running of the new united church and parish; and the other will seek to develop a fresh expression of church through pioneering mission in the community.

The draft Plan has classified the church building and halls of Mayfield Salisbury as “A”, which means that they will be retained for the foreseeable future and will continue to be used as a place of worship. The manse will also remain. The other church buildings of Craigmillar Park and Priestfield are, for the time being, being classified as “B” which means they will be considered for disposal. Up to nearly 2 years is set aside for discussion over these two church buildings as to which might be retained – it is likely that one further church building and one manse will be retained, and that one of each will be sold. The expectation at present is that the funds from such sales may be used both for fabric and supporting mission work in the new united parish.

Whilst a considerable amount of work will need to be done, as well the disruption and emotional upheaval that will result, with the combined resources of the three churches there is great potential for creative, missional development of how we express the Gospel in our area, which could bear much fruit.

The Kirk Session considered the latest draft plan on Wednesday and unanimously supported the proposition that in principle, there be a union with Priestfield and Craigmillar Park parish churches, with the provision of two ministry posts for a new united parish.

While the congregation will formally vote in a year or so on the basis of the union once it has been negotiated, we are keen at this stage to keep you informed on the principle of the union, and give you the opportunity to express your thoughts, if you would wish to do so. If you would like to share views in favour or against, it would be helpful to receive them in the next fortnight. If the congregation shares the Kirk Session’s supportive views, we can proceed in the knowledge that there is broad support for the development of the terms of the Plan locally. If, on the other hand, feelings are strongly divided among the congregation we may wish to organise an indicative vote of the congregation before we proceed further.

If you wish to comment please contact me at clerkmspc@gmail.com ideally by 24 October.

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