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OPEN TO ALL Coffee and tea will be served in the Bill McDonald Hall at the close of the Sunday services. Everyone is very welcome.

  1. PASTORAL CARE Please contact Pauline Robertson in relation to any pastoral issues or concerns and/or if you wish anyone to be remembered in the confidential prayer chain or wish to be added to the email circulation list. The contact details for Pauline are - pastoralassistantms@gmail.com phone 0758 704 3191.
  1. THE GUILD SESSION for 2023/4 starts on 3 October at 2.00pm at Craigmillar Park Church Hall, our speaker is Revd Dr Sandy Forsyth . He is talking on this years theme: ‘New Wine New Wineskins’. Everyone is welcome to join us.
  2. PUBLIC COURSE, NEW COLLEGE Our minister is also a Senior Teaching Fellow at New College, which is the ministry training arm of the School of Divinity at Edinburgh University. Early next year he is teaching a public access course designed for church members, elders and ministers, called ‘Introduction to Pioneer Ministry and Church Planting’. The course will have strong relevance to the new pioneer ministry in our upcoming union. He is teaching the course in collaboration with Revd Peter Wood, and several guests on the course, both thinkers and practitioners. It will run late January to March over eight sessions, and can count for 10 credits at the University. For more, information see ed.ac.uk/divinity/news-events/short-courses-for-church-people Please also feel free to speak to him if you are interested aforsyth@churchofscotland.org.uk


  1. GIVING – QR CODE Our Quick Response code is a handy way of using your smart ‘phone or tablet’s QR app to link you to our Giving Page. Once you have joined the Giving Page safeguards are still operative. PLATES: Those who would have wished to use it may make use of the offering plates situated in the vestibule and halls entrance, at the close of the service. Regular and one-off donations are possible online at give.net/20311853  (scan the QR code) or please contact our Freewill Offerings Treasurer, Hugh Somerville on 0131 466 2446 or hs.somerville2@gmail.com
  1. LIBYA FLOODS APPEAL – a message from Christian Aid ‘On Sunday 10 September, Storm Daniel hit Libya. It’s feared up to 20,000 people have died after the catastrophic Mediterranean storm burst two dams and flooded the eastern port city of Derna. Christian Aid has launched an appeal to support people who have lost their homes, livelihoods and loved ones. We are working with Dan Church Aid, our partner, who are long-established in Libya. Emergency supplies, to meet the most basic and pressing needs, will be given out to families who are facing the coming weeks without a home or any of their possessions. Longer term, Dan Church Aid will contribute to rubble clearance and reconstruction efforts, and help families prepare for the approach of winter. In this critical moment, we seek your solidarity and compassion. Together, we can make a tangible difference in the lives of those affected by this crisis.’

     You can donate online at https://give.christianaid.org.uk/donate/CAM-005808 by phone on 020 7523 2269 or by post (cheques) to Christian Aid, 35-41 Lower Marsh, London, SE1 7RL. Thank you!


  1. THURSDAY CLUB The club begins its programme of events on Thursday 5 October at 2.00pm with the Second Row Singers – All Welcome. We are looking for volunteer drivers and anyone who can help please do speak to or contact Christina Somerville somerville2@gmail.com


  1. SCOT BABY BOX APPEAL Chamber Group member Louise Cunningham is collecting donations for the Scot Baby Box Appeal which will be packaged up and delivered to families in need in Ukraine. Perhaps you know someone who has some clothes or toys their children have outgrown, or you can pick up an item when you’re at the supermarket. If you can help, please bring your donation to church on Sundays 17 and 24 September and 1 October and pass to Louise directly following the service. Urgently required essentials include: 1- Baby & children’s clothes, shoes and toys (newborn to 5yrs) 2- Nappies (all sizes), 3- Baby blankets and sleep/swaddle bags (newborn to 9 mths, 4 - Baby and new mum toiletries (wipes, nappy cream, shampoo, lotion, sanitary and breast pads etc) and 5 Changing mats.


  1. YOUTH NEWS Bettina says: ‘We look forward to returning to youth group on Sunday 24 September 6pm in Church House for Faith & Fun on a Care for creation theme with the first of our guest co-hosts. Ages P7+. The Youth Group are willing to make up Blytheswood boxes (see item 10) with donations from folks that may want to donate just a few items/ not be able to manage a whole box. Donations will need to be at church by Sunday 15th October to allow time for packing.As ever, do contact Bettina with any ideas, feedback or to get to know each other.   Email or get in touch for a chat.  her contact details are: Youthworkermspc@gmail.com   07783 190114.
  1. ANNUAL BLYTHSWOOD SHOE BOX APPEAL: BRINGING HOPE AT CHRISTMAS A reminder about another box appeal.  That is the one that Priestfield are organising.  The attached leaflet has a QR code which will link you to more details about the scheme. (Hard copy leaflets will be available on the table in the halls entrance as well on Sunday).  They invite people to fill a shoe box with small household items (socks/ toiletries/ stationery/ clothing etc) and bring it to church when full.  The 'last day' for submitting the boxes will be Sunday 29 October: William has kindly agreed to take them in when ready.  Our friends at Priestfield will collect any boxes from him and transport them to the Southhouse collection centre.  Please have a look and if, you can, take part.
  1. CRAFT FAIR We plan to have a Craft Fair at Mayfield Salisbury on Saturday 4th November. All contributions and assistance will be welcome. So, if you bake, sew, sculpt, paint, embroider, upcycle or whatever, do note that date and get making.    In addition, there will be a sale/exchange of paperbacks. More information from Hilary Watkinson watkinson@btinternet.com  or Marjory Grant marjorygrant2001@yahoo.co.uk

 Forthcoming Deadlines
Order of Service for next week Thursday at 6.00pm

Parish Magazine: Friday 29 September at 6.00pm

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