6 September 2022

Draft 5 of Presbytery Plan now available on the links to the right.



18 December 2021

The Church of Scotland – indeed most churches – have been tested in recent years with the challenges of reducing congregations and resources. This has required a lot of thought on the part of church leaders and at the General Assembly. On Monday the Edinburgh Presbytery published the anticipated consultation document on how the geographical presence of the Church of Scotland might be reconfigured in Edinburgh.

Many of you by now may have picked up that by 2025 it is proposed that the congregations of Priestfield, Craigmillar Park and Mayfield Salisbury come together in a new union. Similar scales of union are proposed across not just Edinburgh but Scotland as a whole and the suggestions are set out in the papers. The initial thought is that the buildings at Mayfield Salisbury might be retained but all of this is up for consultation. A single document is now available incorporating Part I (Vision and Mission) and Part 2 (structural changes). The paper is avaiable at the links on this page.

The message that these proposals are for consultation is welcome. The Congregational Gathering which we have been flagging up – now confirmed for Saturday 22 January – provides us with an opportunity both to consider the proposals but also, and perhaps more importantly, how our mission and relationship with the community in which we are located might be developed. We will be preparing some summary information for you in the New Year ahead of the gathering so please look out for that. There will be lots to discuss over the coming year and we will need to tease out what the implications might be. The proposals have to be finalised by the end of 2022 so the clock is already ticking but we do have time to reflect and discuss. So please have a read and reflect.

If you have any questions, please do contact the Church Office on 0131 667 1522 / churchmanager@googlemail.com


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